The worm turns

Hi everybody, I usually seem to moan about my insecurities and anxiety at work, so thought for a change i'd post and be positive. I had a great week last week, everything went well at work, I was able to do my work in peace, without anyone looking over my shoulder, so that when a problem arose, i said a rude word then was able to stay calm and work out a solution to the problem. No panicing, no tears, no frantic phone calls to colleagues or anything. When my line manager came down he criticised the way i'd been working (which apparently wasn't, in his opinion, the best way to do things) and i was actually angry and able to stand up to him. - and he backed off!!!!! It was wonderful! One of my colleagues who is more senior to me said I was a good engineer but lacked confidence which I chose to take as a compliment. I followed this up with a good weekend - hubby went fishing and I read a book and ate chocolate. It's only little steps at the moment but here's hoping......


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6 Replies

  • Sounds great. Glad things are on the up for u :-) x

  • Thankyou. I hope it lasts.

  • Well done , its good to come on & see a positive blog

    Thank you , this gives hope to anyone struggling & can be much needed




  • Thanks. It gives me an extra boost when i get lovely emails like yours and Stacey83. I don't feel so feeble. Love xx

  • That's because your not feeble ;-)


  • Thankyou x

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