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Here we go again!

Well, after having a couple of weeks rest from the anxiety it has come back again. I am monitoring now on the calender as it seems there could be a pattern. The last thing I was getting anxious about I managed to put out of my mind but once again it has returned. I just want to sleep, stay in bed and not look people in the eye. I feel like a really bad person just waiting for it all to come crashing down around me.............

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Sorry you feel this way

Good idea though to be monitoring it , that way if there is a pattern , you will no what to watch out for

Don't feel a bad person , because you certainly are not

Well done , a couple of weeks anxiety free is a big achievement :-)

Look after yourself & let this pass again





Sorry to hear you're not doing well nutcase,please know you're not alone in this and that we understand your struggle.No way are you a bad person,you just have an illness and that's not a crime.Please take care of yourself, Andy


Thank you both for the kind words. I worry about things from the past that make me feel like a bad person, the anxiety disorder makes things spiral out of control to make me feel like an awful person. I am not sure if I am bad person or whether it is the anxiety making me feel that way. People I have spoken to have told me that everything is fine but my brain tells me otherwise............


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