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Night anixety, what the best way to beat it!

Hello everyone.

I started getting panicky when going to bed, my mind goes into over drive and think and worry about the littlest of things. Which then i start to shake and takes me a

While to get settled down go sleep. I worry now that im not getting enough sleep and this is happening every night now.

Has anyone got any advice on how to beat it, i will be much appricated!

Amzi x

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have you tried having a warm bath, drink of warm milk or horlicks?

maybe take a notebook and write down your worries to look at the next day.



This brings it all back to me as well.

One piece of good advice my husband gave to me was (even if I couldn't sleep, just relax, don't worry about not being able to sleep). I would hear him snoring away in seconds. This went on for some time, but gradually I found I would sleep, maybe only a nap, but it was something at least. Gradually it got better.

I know it's easy to say don't worry, but when this spirals it is not easy.

You will get there. xx


Hi Am,

The best way to beat anxiety is not get into a fight with it, or try to run away from it. If you do either of these things you are perpetuating what anxiety is a fight/flight reaction, observe the sensations in as detatched a way as possible, whilst relaxing as much as possible.

I send my anxiety loving thoughts, I know it sounds wierd, but what is the opposite of anxiety, fear, disolve it will loving kindness, and here's a link to how to find that in yourself.


You could try some relaxation cd's to get you to relax whilst in bed as well, I use them and they do help.

As henige says.

Anything that helps you relax, slow down, and not react to these feelings.

wishing you well



Mirtazipine puts the worst of us to sleep! :)


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