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Again today panic attack before going to family members!!!

I get on really well with my family but this keeps happening. It's really getting on my nerves and i'm sure my family think i'm making it up as an excuse not to bother with them which is not the case at all and makes the next visit even harder.

Why don't I get this at work where I am unhappy and stressed out rather than seeing family where I am happy??? Very strange.

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Hi kazbaz

Sorry to hear this, I have really bad anxiety myself and I know how horrible it is.

I just wanted to say that I'm sure your family don't think you are making it up as an excuse not to see them, especially if like you say, you are happy around them and happy to see them, sometimes it is hard for people who don't suffer with anxiety or panic attacks to understand it exactly.

I don't know why you only seem to have a panic attack when you are going to see your family, maybe if you are scared of having one and worrying about it so much maybe that could set one off, as I have heard that the fear of having a panic attack can actually trigger one.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help to you. Xx


Is there anyone in your family that you could talk to about it? It might be good if you coukd talk to them and explain about your panic attacks. It is often the fear of the attack that makes things worse.


Just a thought, is it something to do with not being in control in these situations. Feeling vunterable.



Hi guys

Thanks all for the comments.

I will try and talk to some one. It probably is fear of it happening again as the first and worst one I had was at my Grandads. I just can't seem to shift the feeling about half an hour before going round.

I think you're all right it's just hard to open up when you can't really explain it because you don't fully understand it yourself.

Oh well will have to just get on with it and hope for the best, will not give in.

Thanks again for your comments. XX


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