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Any advice to reassure me?


Today i have to face tribunal panel to appeal against the decision that I'm fit for work. After

Esa assessment Dr decided i was fit.

Welfare rights and my support worker from women's aid are coming with me. I know that they will handle it well.

It's my anxieties that's at the root of my problems. Within 30mins o have to leave the house get on a bus into town travelling with my support worker to another town and go into a strange place to prove to them that im not fit to work. This is the first time I've left the house for 10 days simply getting to the bus stop in itself is a nightmare.

I am fortunate that I do remember to use all my coping strategies. I won't let this beat me. But this is exactly one of the reasons I'm not able to work. My social anxieties cause me a lot of distress. I do sometimes push myself to go out. But it's so exhausting. I can feel the panic rising as I'm nearly ready to leave. Not slept either which doesn't help. Had a bit of toast now think I'm going to be sick. Sorry for this note of panic. Rationality tells me it will be ok. I'm terrified of making at fool of myself tho. I avoid everything so that i can avoid embarrassment. The panic makes me stammer and my face goes really red. I sweat like a pig. Then the tears start. Im hoping to just breathe thru it and distract my self . Anyway just needed to vent this panic to somebody so that i can get out the door. Here goes.

Will tell you later how it went. Thanks k.xx

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Just take one step at a time, dont worry about the whole thing, smile, give love to yourself, as you take each step.

Let us know how you get on

Wishing you well


Thanks for replying. I'm on bus now with chest pain and all the rest. But I know I'll be ok really. My support worker meets me in town. She's taking me to meeting in her car. So at least i won't be in full public view. Thanks again. k. xx

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Wishing you well


Just keep breathing and good luck, you've made massive achievements to get there well done, keep going xxx love elbo


My heart goes out to you , it really does

Good luck , I have everything crossed & hope they see sense


I just got a letter through post about benefits changing, I expect your situation started with this letter, I have ptsd for 6 yrs diagnosed by nhs but probally had it 10 years at least, all I can say is I not stopped crying since , and that's just a letter. god knows what u r feeling or going through. also have moderate depression and addictive personalitie and bad health and they want me to work, the thought of going outside is scary enough. and getting out of bed is just the same. its a right piss off excuse languge when many people claim benefit they don't need yet everyone gets the same treatment. I hope your tribunual went well I went to one when I was younger it was so intimidatining , like being in court in frount of a judge.keep safe x

Just want to thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. Long story short! I won the appeal. So that's great. The thing is, yeah the extra money will help. But it's the stress of thing many people take for granted that is the issue. The judge and doctor were very nice I imagine but the formality of the whole thing was horrible. I felt like a naughty child having to go thru any and every agonising example of everyday life to relate to them what my reality with anxiety is. It just seems cruel that they have to make you re live these stressful events when the actual effort to keep the appointment is added stress. Anyway I'm back home safe and frazzeled. I've had a good cry. And now I need to breathe and chill! Don't you wish these folk could live for 24 hours in our lives and then tell them to repeat that 24/7. And try to function properly on top. Grr! Ok. Rant over.

Thanks for your support. I hope this will be reassuring to others who have to face the whole benefit farce! Peaceful evening to you all

K. xx

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