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Health anxiety worried its tumour

I suffer with anxiety about my health on citralpram 10mg to ease it a lil bit, but Sunday we went up north and was up at 4am hardly no sleep the night before we was dragon boat racing all day I forgot my glasses, and later on in that day my eye started to like ache. And on the way home my eye started going funny, like couldn't foucus properly when looked to the sides or up or down, can this happen because I was so tired. My eye hasn't gone out of focus again just aches but I'm still really tired as had few bad nights sleep so not really caught up with sleep properly yet xx

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I too suffer badly with heath anxiety and have had 'funny things' with my eyes - and, of course, 'funny things' ranging all over my body helped along nicely by Dr Google.

My sensible head would say tiredness, but like you, my heath anxiety head would immediately jump on the PC and find some horrendous illness.

Try and relax and let it go - not easy I know only too well - but you're not alone as there are plenty of us on here with health anxiety and understand the abject worry it causes.


I suffered badly from health anxiety for a couple of years. I used to think my brain was growing down my spine, i thought i was going to get mad cow disease so i stopped eating beath, i thought ii ha had a bone eating disease because of a chip in my jaw bone.

As anxiety sufferers we make up diseases and illnesses. At the moment i have a pain in my chest muscle, but i did chest at the gym the other day so i know thats what it is. A few years ago i would have thought i was having a heart attack.

One of the main things i did to get over my health anxiety was starting a keep fit programme and listening to relaxation tapes, and now still frequently watch ASMR on you tube. It is proven that keeping fit can be more effective than medication, so i strongly recommend.

Now unfortunately i get anxiety after drinking alcohol, so now im in my own battle but we can all get through this with positive thinking and exercise. try it and see . However i am not in any way telling you to stop taking medication as i am not qualified to do so. im just offering advice.


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