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Is anyone else scared of loud noises

Okay this may be a really weird question to ask but I would just like to know of anyone else gets a little jumpy around loud or banging noises as recently I have and I don't know whether this is due to my bad ears or what. I know that beforehand even as a child I always was a little jumpy but would usually just laugh it off and now I have to mentally calm myself down afterwards and was wondering of anyone else had this?

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Hi vicsi,

Yes, I have this too, when I'm bad it gets worse, which makes me think my nerves have re sensitised, maybe like a hunter going through a forest of wild animals constantly on edge and ready for any danger, but most of the time in this 21st century world the dangers have all but gone.

This is when I make sure I do my calming techniques, and carry on as best I can.

I think we are all just very sensitive people.

Wishing you well



I`m jumpy round loud noises too - got worse since my anxiety. I jump when the phone rings or the door bell goes. I seem to be very sensitive and many a time when my husband has come in I`ve not heard him and when I turn round and see him stood there I jump out of my skin. I`ve made him cough now to let me know he`s around. <lol> Well you have to laugh don`t you?



I do too, you are not alone! It's the rush of adrenaline that causes the often mentioned 'fight or flight' reaction. You hear a sound and your body prepares to react to defend itself and it can take quite a while to settle your heart rate down again afterwards.


I used to be very jumpy, & would leap 6 feet in the air at a loud noise, but now I`m hardly bothered by loud noise unless its an irritating sound, like sirens or drivers tooting their horns for no reason.


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