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Why is anxiety ruining my relationship?

I've not posted in quite a while, but things have taken a turn for the worse again. Anxiety is literally ruining the relationship I have with my boyfriend. He understands and tries to help with my anxiety but I always cry around him every time we meet. I get the feeling he is going to break up with me all the time. It is getting pretty pathetic and we constantly argue because I can't keep my head straight anymore. I'm so anxious over him, I think this is where it all came from. I'm anxious when he goes on nights out, I'm anxious when he doesn't get in contact with me and when he is in a mood with me. This is not like the old me at all. I never ever used to care about what a guy wanted or thought. But, now I'm in a quite serious relationship everything has changed. I just don't know if I should keep fighting to be together or give up. I do truly love him ( as lame as it sounds) but if he makes me feel this anxious I'm just not sure whether we need space or not?

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One of my last answers on here

I don't think its him hun making you anxious , its you , its the fear your anxiety is causing & therefore you are taking this into the relationship & thinking things he isn't doing or going to do

Maybe till you get your anxiety under control , you may not be ready for a relationship , but if you love him & he loves you , its worth working on it

Go to your GP , ask for help if you have already had some , ask for more

I wish you all the luck in the world





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