this isn't the life I want for myself

I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for 5years now since the separation of my parents, it has only been in the last 4months I have got worse, I cannot leave the house as I am scared I will have a panic attack, I know it wont hurt me its just the physical symptoms leave me feeling so scared. I am off work sick at the moment which is killing me I love my job. the main thing scaring me is my wedding in October I am dreading it. I am so scared I will have a panic attack in the church with over 60guests there. I don't know how I am going to get through it. I feel so awful for my fiancé he does everything for me and I don't know what I would do without him, so calling off the wedding is a no no.


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  • Aww Hannah no wants this illness it's just who we are I have health anxiety and depression and offen ask this same question u are not alone and as for getting married this is an amazing thing to be happening but also at the same time is stressful too i know ur worried i was to when i got married but u will not have a panic attack its ur special day and by the sounds of u love him very much have u spoken to ur partner about how u feel if not talk to him tell him how ur feeling let hi reassure u it will be ok we are here for on here if u need to talk huni xxx

  • For a one off event like the wedding it might be worth talking to your doctor about a few vallium so you can stop worrying about worrying? I'm the first to admit it's not an ideal solution but probably better than months of wedding panic?

  • i will try anything to deal with this, I want to marry him if it kills me lol it is stressful but I think its just the attacks that are worrying me, thank u all for ur comments much appreciated. xxx

  • Hi Hannah, i have just read your post and i wanted to respond and see how you are doing. We can all relate to what you going through and you are not alone. On here you will always have someone to talk too. I just wanted to ask if you had heard of someone called Carl Sheppard (rebalance anxiety / panic attacks). You can find him on Google. He helps people get through their anxiety and panic attacks. He works with people who suffer with anxiety, panic attacks, blah, blah and some of his information may be able to help. I hope you are coping ok. xxxx

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