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Terrible nausea :(

I'm meant to be going out with my best friend tonight who i haven't seen in 2months due to my social anxiety. Ive been up all night gipping and feeling like i was going to be sick, it was that bad i couldn't even lay down. When i woke up this morning it wasn't that bad but i started with the runs! :( I'm hoping it will pass, has anyone got any tips or what foods i should be eating to reduce symptoms?



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Hi Cath,

Does your friend know you have anxiety, if so, let her know to take it steady with you.

For food I always like a poached egg before I do anything stressfull, its a good protein and helps steady the blood sugar.

And stay away from sugar, caffiene, alchohol, usual bunch of stressor foods.

dont leave much left really :-)

let your hair down and go have a blast,

Wishing you well



No i haven't ever got round to telling her, as she's quite narrow minded so there's never been a right time. I don't know why i get so anxious, i usually try and go out every month and once im out most of the time it's great! It just seems to be the lead up to it.

Thanks for your comments :)



Are you taking an SSRI? They c


...cause severe nausea for me. ?


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