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Jittery mess

Yesterday I had to go to the doctors with this dizziness without going into to id convinced myself it was something else the doctor has put it down to low blood pressure and that it should just pass in time that's easy for him to say I can't take any more its getting me down and as a result im a jittery mess this morning the under lying panic attack is waiting to burst the worst thing is I have work at 3 and can't face it but I have to as my job will be on the line im so down today not good my councillor asked me if I had onr wish what would it be I said anxiety free.

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Hi Sessykel,

Poor you, sounds like you are having a rough morning!! That panic attack may be waiting to burst but you have two choices: you can either let it out and know that it's only a panic attack and it can not hurt you, or you can do something to subside the panic. For example exercise always helps me, or simply writing the problem down!

Did the doctor tell you exactly what your blood pressure is? Remember it can also be due to simple things such as stress, slight dehydration or possibly a small ear infection which has thrown your body a little out of sync! (This is the nurse coming out in me now!)

What job do you have? Do they know you suffer with anxiety? Sometimes it's better to get out the house and do something like go to Work! Can help distract you from the anxiety :)

Hope you feel better soon xxx


Thank you rach22

My blood pressure was 107/70 ive drank loads of water in case it is dehydration as for work knowing about my anxiety she is fully aware but is one of the sad few people on this earth who think I'm just making it all up and its in my head wish me luck im just about to leave x


i also suffer from this ,my stomach is jittery my legs feel weak .and apart from that I feel very dizzy ,what I try to do is I force myself no matter how rottonI feel to go to my zumba class .and believe me it helps take the panic away,its not easy sometimes during the class I feel terrible but I stick to it and when I come out I feel so much better,and to take a walk also helps ,I can walk 40 minutes ,thinking I wont make it home ,but I do ! I have had anxiety and panic attacks all my life so I know how debilliating this is ,but you have to enjoy the good days ,and do the best you can on the bad ones, I know from a lifetime of this problem I am now 70 yrs old and I never thought I would make it my anxiety was so bad ,so please try and do the best while you are still young ,don't spend a lifetime always thinking the bad things are going to happen like I have x


Aha, Hi Sessy,

I used to get dizzy spells, and this was because I was having far too many sugary things, this raises the blood sugar and makes us a little hyper, then we come crashing down, and feel weak and dizzy.

I now make sure I have a protein like a poached egg on toast for breakfast, and that keeps my sugar levels steady, and stear clear of too much sugar.

Another common one is tension in the neck area, try a hot water bottle on the back of your neck for 20 minutes, then when its cool down see if it feels any better.

Wishing you well



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