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Hi all just a quickie, I have had anxiety/ panic attacks for years now and you would think I am use to every single body sensation, but this one really gets to me, I get up in the mornings feeling tense heart and pulse racing, I make myself breakfast in a fashion, sit down and then it's like a bolt of adrenaline hits my entire body and then I feel lightheaded does anyone else get this xxx thank you x

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Hi kimbo,

Yes, I'm sure we all have experienced this at some stage.

After 33 years of anxiety, adrenaline is still as sharp as it was the first time I experienced it, but its the way we react to it now that changes. I just slow down and give the reaction as little as possible. I'm not impressed by its game anymore, I smile and slowly allow it to wash over me and carry on.

Usually, I found that I was, running, becoming agitated, rushing about, praying it wouldn't get worse, untill I realised I was RUNNING, and there wasn't anywhere to run to, so now I sit or stroll about and allow it to do its thing, and it goes.

Wishing you well



Thanks it does my head in I sit but am always fidgeting waiting for it to go xx


We all do that kimbo :-) your not alone, its really annoying I know, but it will go if we allow it to just wash over us, and dont react to it. as much as possible.

i find thinking loving thoughts and positive stuff helps enormously, like us being a bright blue sky and our thoughts clouds just floating by.




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