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Hi I'm Marie 33 years old I have health anxiety I'm on Prozac but its getting worse and I don't know how to control it its taking over my life everyday there is something wrong with me now I'm convinced I have mouth and throat cancer I just want to be happy but I can't I'm always checking myself and finding things that I think aren't normal it's having a affect on my husband and children now as I'm always sayin I'm dieing I wish I could stop it its bring me down I can't cope anymore

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Hi Marie,

welcome in, I can understand your worries, as I have had health anxiety too.

Have you had a chat with your doctor explaining whats going on now for you, also have you thought about getting a referral from the doctor for CBT therapy, this might be a good first step.

I know these thoughts are very scary, and thats why its good to get some reasurance from your doctors. The chances of you actually having these things are so minimal.



Hi Marie

How long have you been on Prozac ? it can take a few months to work

If you have been on it a while , I would see GP again , there are lots of different meds that can help or even the dosage could be changed

It sounds like you are suffering with health anxiety , or that's where your anxiety is focusing , I can relate to how you feel , as I have suffered with this from a young age

If we keep looking & feeling we will always find something or feel something that our heads will say , O dear I havnt felt this before & then we always have to have the worse thing our minds can come up with , yet all these thoughts are irrational due to anxiety

You are certainly not on your own with this

Try not to keep looking for things & if you do feel something , just tell yourself , I have thought things are wrong before & nothing has happened , the thing I am suffering with is anxiety & that wont kill me , even though its very unpleasant

At 33 it is very doubtful indeed that you will have anything that is life threatening

If you can deal with your anxiety these thoughts will slowly start to fade

Have you thought about some counselling , maybe you have had some , but its worth another go even if you have , ask your GP , they can refer you , but sometimes you need to ask

Please keep using this site , lots of people will relate to you & not feeling alone with this can help you cope





I just feel so alone whywhy as my family and friends don't understand I feel they are laughing at me and my doctors must be sick of me it's horrible living with this I've been on 20mg of Prozac for 6mths but my doctor has upped my dose to 40mg with the intent of upping it again soon after I'm tryin very hard to stop checking myself and to stay away from the Internet as I know theses things make it worse but I can't help it I just want to be happy most nights I go to bed feeling panicky thinking omg another day of dealing with illness and dreading waking up becuz all I want is to wake up feeling happy and ready for the day with my beautiful children instead I spend most of my day cleaning becuz of OCD and checking myself for lumps bumps white patches I do try and tell myself it's just a cold coughs the norm but then cancer and loads of other things enter my mind its a constant battle with myself I am my own worst enemy I really feel very lw at the mo xxxxxx


You are not alone on here , hope that is some comfort

I relate to you so much

When my children were young I was just like you , I think the reason was I loved them so much & was so worried something would happen to me & I wouldn't be about to look after them

They are all adults now

I also have OCD , cleaning & I am the same , I have to do certain things certain days

The health anxiety I still have & OCD ,but they are a lot better than they were ,but as I have had this years & they are still there , I am now waiting for some counselling

Each week , one small thing how ever small that you do OCD wise , try & knock that one of , so if you hoover every day ,say on Wednesday , I wont hoover

Take it slowly till you feel comfortable with it & move on to another one , but it will be slow stopping yourself

Also please I used to google , worse thing ever , get on here instead

Last night I so wanted to , but I stopped myself , you will fill your head with allsorts as we always zoom in on the worse answer & they is always one there

It takes effort I no , but if you take small steps , doing little changes , it will get better

Its hard for others to understand , but on here everyone does

Also no matter what you feel you GP feels which again no doubt wont be what you think , its their job , they get paid to see us , so if you are not happy , go back



Baylien I really think my doctors have had enough of me I'm always there if I can't get an appointment I'm asking for call backs I don't have anyone I can talk to becuz they think I'm been silly I must drive my nearest and dearest insane so I just don't bother anymore :( xxxx


Marie maybe you need a change in meds I'm on eflexor it's very good for treating anxiety.


Do u think do I need to do do some thing x


I have health anxiety too. It started when I had my daughter she is now 2 and things have got worse and its a daily battle to cope sometimes. I totally know how you feel and it will get better but it will take time. I go to counselling once a week but they have said cos my anxiety is so severe I need more. I am happy as along as I will get better at the end of it! You will get good days and bad days. Stay away from the internet I am the same and now I wont let myself cos I think I have all the symptoms. I have severe blood pressure and they have given me every test available and I still think I am dying . Its a horrible thing to live with but you will get there and the good days seem all the better when they come. Someone on here recommended a book by the author Claire weekes which I am going to give a try so don't know if you want to give it a try too.

Things will get better just try and think positive and laugh at yourself I think that helps. I am here anytime for a chat.

Best wishes

Sarah x


Hi Marie

I am so sorry to hear that this is happening.

I was in Ealing hospital and St Mary's at lest 22 times in 9 months thinking i was having a heart attack as my heart felt always beating so fast. I thought i had cancer since i was watching Greys Anatomy so i stopped it. I used to go online and check for symptoms and it made things worse.

I sat down and thought how many times i ruined it for myself just because of the anxiety problem. I had to get off the underground 3 times in one trip from Bank Station to Ealing Broadway thinking i was having a heart attack. It is anxiety, nothing is going to happen, you are ok, always look at your kids and try to think of good things, holiday, good memories, family, and yes you are not alone. Try to drink herbal stuff, try not to drink coffee and tea at night, always be around people, I wish you the best of luck.

Hope to hear good things soon.

Take Care


It's just so hard I love all five of my babies so very much and my husband is my soul mate I won't book things in advance becuz I think I won't be here so why waste money I know theses things are silly and I do try to say to myself it's anxiety and I sometimes have a gd day but this is very rare lately as I send most of time thinking I've got cancer and I will be gone in 6 mths if I'm lucky and it scares me becuz I don't want to leave my kids my family my husband don't understand and I'm distancing myself from him but he don't understand it at all he is so used to seeing me so strong and I do come across that way these past 2week it's been getting worse as I've had a bad cold and sore throat which now I'm thinking I've got mouth and throat cancer I've have full bloods took becuz all of my tummy promblems which is ibs had to have scans but all fine or so they say they are ive had my breast checked smears upto date eyes tested I just give up I feel like I'm losing a battle I can not win xxx


Hi Marie, sometimes you have to take a deep breath and ask yourself: if the medication isn’t working, maybe you shouldn’t be on it. It sounds like you are expecting the meds to work and make you feel better / normal?! – unfortunately medication doesn’t always work like that. My dad died of cancer and for years I convinced myself I was riddled with different cancers and I was going to die. As well as this I also suffer with panic attacks and black outs. I can totally relate that it isn’t easy trying to believe and think you are not ill. Calling the doctor thinking they will be able to make you feel better is not always the case, as I’m sure you’ll agree. I got to a stage a few months ago where I couldn’t take anymore and decided I needed to change or my life wasn’t worth living. I’m not sure if you are at this stage yet…?! If you are ready to help yourself for you and your family, you must understand you are not alone! So many of us are experiencing what you are and you always have people you can turn too who will not judge you and will relate to you and your experiences!! I am currently working with ARM, it has helped me so much in the last few months. Maybe you should sign up to the news letter and get some help with how you are feeling – I always say to people, everyone needs to stop putting so much pressure on themselves and stop thinking medication for what they are feeling is the answer. Numbing your brain and feelings is never going to make people better long term (very rarely does long term, only short term fix for most people). Please stay focused and strong and talk to people who are experiencing what you are. It will help. xxx


I know the meds aren't working I two lost my dad 12 years ago of cancer but is was been pregnant with my forth child where the health anxiety has came from as I had a very awful pregnancy I new some thing was wrong it just never felt rite and I was rite becuz I nearly lost him when he was born and he was very bruised and poorly after then after his birth I wouldn't let anyone hold him OCD by had kicked and then one day my husband daughter was playing I looked her and had the worst panic attack I've ever had all becuz I was thinking one day I won't be here I put it down to been tired and rushed off my feet then the aches in my bones started and I was convinced I had bone cancer I went to the doctors he gave me Prozac I was fine till I found out I was pregnant I didn't want to be pregnant becuz I had convinced my self he would be still born becuz I would be so lucky this time so I was down while I was pregnant and then he was born the most beautiful boy who looked so much like his bro it was unreal and I was ok for a day till he had to go bk in becuz he was jaundice and then it came back like a tone of bricks full on health anxiety and OCD is worse my baby will be one next mths and I'm still no better xxxx


Oh dear Marie! I'm so sorry to read your must be dreadful for you.If it's any consolation I'm just the same.Health anxiety is a dreadful illness it takes over your life and ruins it in the proccess.My circumstances are different to yours,I'm in my sixties,live alone as my husband died 11 yrs ago.I have tried so hard to overcome this problem,but it's so difficult.Like you I'm always checking myself,googling symptoms,seeking reassurance.My biggest fear is the same as yours,as that's what my husband died of.I am at present seeing Dr at a mental health unit,and taking 2 different medications,but not doing very well on either to be honest.The main symptom I have is almost constant nausea,and like you,don't seem to be able to make any plans as I never know how In going to feel from one day to the next.also,like you I feel no one really understands,and I know some of my friends are getting pretty fed up with me always feeling ill.Some even laugh and say " oh,now what's wrong with you!"I've been to the doctors so many times in the last year I'm now embarrassed to even make another appt.Had loads of tests,scans x rays,endoscopy etc all clear,so still being told it's all in my mind!I truly can relate to you Marie,I'm sure there's nothing wrong,for one thing you're so young,so much less likely to have a serious illness.Try and be positive,not easy I know. Thinking of you.



Hi emby it's is awful I'm sorry u lost ur husband and ppl laugh at me to which makes things worse as I really do not have anyone to talk about it this is with this is why I came on here I've been to the doctors today as I've had a sore throat for nearly 3 weeks and yellow pus on my left tonsil doctor said its viral and stop messing and removing the pus and to gargle with warm salt water I was ok for a few hours as I took the doctors word for it but now I'm thinking maybe she is lying to be and has missed some becuz I really shouldn't have it for this long should I xx


Thank you for replying Marie.Please feel free to talk to me and you can say anything you like,I can assure you I won't be laughing or thinking your being silly.Health anxiety is terrible,and I'm sure it's only people who suffer from it that can possibly understand how devastating it is.Like you I've been to the Doctors so many times it's embarrassing!! If it's any consolation in the last few years,I've been convinced I've had mouth,throat,neck,lung,bowel,stomach,pancreatic,liver and several other types of C. Can't even bear to spell the word,I'm afraid.I've been to the docs loads of times to be told it's all related to anxiety,in the end,probably out of desperation,they refer me for some tests.Then I'm thinking they must really think it's something horrible because they're sending me for tests. But forget that I've almost forced them to send me!!all the tests have been clear,thankfully!

Like you,I feel quite reassured for a short while when the doc says tests are clear,but soon afterwards start doubting,or sometimes have a new pain or sensation,which starts it all off again.What a rubbish way to live!!!!

I'm now under the care of a mental health nurse,she comes once a week and is lovely.has anything like that been offered ?perhaps worth asking?

Well better end here,hope to hear from you soon.

Take care of yourself

Love Diana xx


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