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Medication anxiety

Hi everyone, i hope uve all had a lovely day chillaxing in the sun. Its been lovely. First i had the brother in law and his miss and two little kids round for dinner. Then i had my mate and her partner and two young kids pop round. Had a nice day and even thou ive had abit of anxiety with me most the day ive just let it be. Been in the bath and now weve ordered a pizza and am going to chillax infront of the tv for the night.

As for my MEDICATION ANXIETY, im now ready to give it another go at beating it. When ever i take my anti de or even one pain killer i get all anxious and fearfull. Ive gotta say how can i be so fearfull of taking my ant de when ive been on them for about 14 months now. From the way i was last year to the way i am now. I can see how far ive come. Even thou i still get anxiety and some of the symptoms. Ive got to go to the drs tomorrow and pick up my prescription. So for me this wk its going to be trying to beat the medication anxiety. I have tried this many times, and now i feel ready in myself to try again. So im going to take todays after my pizza. Im ready to start tonight. So everyday wen its time to take it, im going to keep telling myself its helping with the anxiety, and will make me feel even better if i take my one a day. Xxx

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there is great truth in the statement that we cannot change anything until we are ready to.

take each day as it comes, be proud of yourself.



I am the same with my blood pressure meds when they change them I am sure that something bad will happen to me but I suppose that's living with anxiety. I am anxious about so many things. You will be fine and you do need to take them to make you better and you will get there. Seems like you have come a long way already. Wee done and good luck you will be fine x x x


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