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Does anyone feel ungrateful?

I have had bouts this year of very strong anxiety and depression most likely due to stress. I saw a councillor at uni for a bit but stopped because every time I talked about things I felt like I was a total mental case. I haven't really talked to friends and family about it much because I don't want to bother them and, more than anything, I feel totally ungrateful. I know so many people have lives much harder than me and that I have so many good things in my life but I still feel awful. What do you think?

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I know where you are coming from, I suffer with anxiety and depression aswel and I haven't really spoken to anyone about it, I tried in the past to talk to my mum but it just got brushed off and I was told I was being silly and overreacting, and my bf doesn't really understand.

I completely agree with you on feeing ungrateful, I too have good things in my life and are luckier than some people and everytime i am feeling low and depressed I try to remind myself that there are people a lot worse off than me, and then I feel horrible for not being able to just be happy with who I Am and what I have.

I really hope that you can manage to talk to someone about how you are feeling, you are not alone on here we are all in very similar boats. Xx

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Absolutely, I am a 43 year old woman, living in a beautiful part of the country, animal, beautiful children, and well an ok job. But I have bouts of severe depression and anxiety, sometimes suicidal. I don't think anyone who hasn't experienced this darkness can understand how it feels, I feel I should be very happy, why is it some people are quite happy with their lot....a question I ask my self regularly. I am tired of feeling tired and sad! I have had depression of varying degrees since I was 20, why me? Why not! Try not to beat yourself up about it too much. It is what it is. x


I find it ridiculous that I have anxiety and depression but I guess it is not something we can do anything about- the fact is we have it, but it can be overcome- its just quite hard to!


Hi Rainbow,

I've never felt ungrateful, I've certainly felt sorry for myself at one stage, like saying why me. I guess after 33 yrs from being diagnosed and the 20 years before, I'm sort of used to it now :-) I crtainly am grateful that I do have some monetry help from my parents when I'm totally in need, and that is a godsend, now I'm just grateful for another day on this earth :-)

We all suffer to some extent, I guess all we can do is make the best of what we have to work with.

I've found talking to some extent with family and friends a necessary part of the healing process. My family, initially tried to brush it under the carpet, well for about 30 years lol, when they took me for my pacemaker operation, it was like I was going for a tooth checkup in their eyes. Bless them, sometimes we just have to accept some people just cant handle it, either because they feel guilty or feel scared too.

And some people just dont need to know unless it rears its ugly head in their company.

I hope its not affecting you too much

Wishing you well




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