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One of those days

Hi everyone, its been one of those wks. I have moaned alot this wk but its all been due to pmt, even thou a certain person did rub me up the wrong way lol i felt really light headed earlyer but wen i luked at the time it was going on for 3 oclock. I hadnt had anything to eat at all, but once i had something i felt alot better. I thought it was my anxiety and even thou it was becaurse i hadnt ate all day its left anxiety on my mind. Im glad my OH is here tonight, even thou hes just popped out for ano hour now. As i know i wudnt be ok on my own because ive anxiety on the mind and abit of ano headache. The weather as been lovely chillaxing in the sun, wat more can we ask for...just my garden swing thats all i want now lol hope ur all doing ok xxx

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Hi donaf well I think pmt and garden strimmers should go straight to room 101 as they are both really irritating. My anxiety runs wild when I don't eat regularly. I have to eat every two hours but when I'm anxious I race around and forget to eat its a vicious circle but I'm much better at managing it than a few months ago. The sunshine is a help. When I went out this morning I noticed the stones on the village church were red and yellow in places where I've only seen the church in a murky grey colour. Long may the summer continue take care love eve x


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