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Nausea, vomiting and 'rushing' in the night

Please please help me peoples! Last night the weirdest thing ever happened to me, I had a lovely Greek meal with my partner, we came home and watched a film and I fell asleep on the sofa. He woke me up and said why don't you go to bed, which I happily did =0) Once I was in bed though I got the weirdest feeling of dread and doom, I got sweaty clammy heads and felt like I was rushing and buzzing all my body, I could feel my heart in chest also. I recognise this could be a panic attack but I wasn't anxious about anything, i had the radio on and was listening to a story and was lovely and cool! Everytime I closed my eyes and felt myself 'drop' off I would bolt awake rushing and sweating and breathing hard. I was so tired and cross. At about 2am I thought I should try and be sick, maybe my dinner was too rich? I tried to be sick and was only sick a tiny amount. I then spent until 6am, snoozing, fully aware of myself (not actually asleep) waking every half hour or so and dry heaving until I got dizzy and fell back to sleep.

Eventually at 6am I must have drifted off. I now feel really weak and tearful and annoyed. My anxiety has never got the better of me like this. Does any one else get anything similiar?

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Sorry I just saw your post, hope your feeling better, let us know how your getting on, it may of just been a one off.

I certainly have had these feelings of wanting to be sick, shaking cold sweats etc.




Maybe it was just a one off and could have been the meal the thought of being sick can send people into panic mode.

I know when i feel sick i get the sweating feeling hot and cold and then panic like mad.

I hope you are feeling better today.

Take care

Hugs Love Seyi xxx


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