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Can i ask help and hope to get the answer?

ive only ever had help with my anxiety once and the school counsiller 'gave up' on me. i havent had a session in 12 months even though i was ment to have one a month later. i feel like if i go to the doctors they will just think im wanting attention or being stupid. If i go will they really help me or will i go through painful sessions of pointlessness

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I can only tell you what I think

If you have a good GP , that are doing their job , they Will not think you are wanting attention

They should help you & I think you should look at it , as there are no guarantees with anything in life , but to go & get help again , you certainly wont be any worse of & fingers crossed if you work with them it will help

I would go & see my GP , if you do let us no how you go on






Yes I think you should see your GP. Perhaps write down for yourself in bullet points the most important things you want to say & try to say them before the appointment ends.

A GP should definitely not make you feel like you are wanting attention or being stupid - it is part of their role to try and help you. If you are made to feel uncomfortable then you could try and see another one, who you feel more relaxed with. In many surgeries now you can see another GP even if it is not one you are registered with.

Hope the weekend goes well for you.


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