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Hi All.

My partner had a phased return to work. His manager has been really flexible with the working hours. Last week the hours that were decided were 11 -7pm. I was ok with that over three days. Now another bombshell has been dropped: 11-7pm 5 days. This was a choice made and I was never consulted about the matter.

It was just popped out if it was a normal thing to say without even considering my situation. It has really up set me and caused a bit black rift between us.

I was using the two days for support. They have just been taken away without any notice of thought for me.

First the hours were extended from 11am - 5pm. The two extra hours makes it to 7pm. I was ok with that as I was notified. The extra days were just popped on me.

Am I being un reasonable in feeling cheated and betrayed?

All views welcome please.

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That is really a difficult question to answer without knowing you, your partner and all thats going on for you.

What I can say is I found it hard to be without my wife constantly by my side for a while, but I had to let go eventually, and I tried my best to support her, even though I was such a mess myself.

I'm sure your partner is only trying to keep his job, and trying to put some grub on the table for you both.

I wouldn't feel cheated or betrayed,

I would feel proud of them for doing the right thing, and support them, and in turn we get supported too.

Our needs will always outweigh those of another,

all we can do is try to be fair,

See that not all needs can be met by another, we need to self nurture, and so become happier in ourselves and our needs are not so important as they once were.

Wishing you well

and if I've totally got the wrong end of the stick, I appologise, hope your feeling ok now

A big hug




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