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Feel like crying

im so down at the moment I have been suffering with anxiety for a couple of years now and not known it (only was diagnosed couple of months a go) I can go weeks feeling better then I feel so low worse still I have this thing about death and sickness and over think it a lot I have lost a few people in the last couple of months every little pain twitch I get I think there is something seriously wrong with me I cant it i've been this and welcomed life with open arms i'm still waiting for my referral from the doctors which is taking its time my doctor told me to try this site in the mean time so sorry for going on!!!!!

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You are not going on , this site is great for venting how we feel & lots of us feel like you do

I no how you are feeling , I suffer with health anxiety have done for years & as you say every ache & pain , you are so focused in on them that every one is something drastic

Things can trigger & make it worse & loosing loved ones I have found can be a major factor in making mine so much worse & yes you do get fed up & it makes you feel down

I am like you & waiting to be referred , seems like there is a long waiting list , but in the meantime your GP is right this site I hope will give you a life line , as you will relate to so many people & just the thought you are not on your own with how you feel really helps

I try when I am getting these fears to accept them as that's what they are irrational fears & the more we fear them the more they take control (I no that's easier said than done ) but with practice it can be

Every time you get the same feeling or a different one , try saying , "Here we go again " try to see it for what it is , a pain , a twinge , but you have had them before & even the new ones try to not give them as much importance & let them pass

Keep coming on here , lots of suggestions & support from people & keep talking it does help





Hi there Sessykel,

Your not 'going on' so dont worry about that.

It's good your doctor suggested this site. I has helped me massively since i arrived. It just helps knowing people out there can relate. Not everyone in our daily lives understand (i know in mine they dont) and it really does help me being able to just ask if someone has experienced the same thing.

Fears of death and sickness seem to be the order of the day lately.

There does seem to be alot about health anxiety.

I have it a little different. I fear for my childrens health.

Fainting in particular.

It means i am ALWAYS watching to make sure my sons eye dont roll back in his head.

I had a situation once when he fainted in Sainsburys and i thought he had died. he fell amongst trolleys at the checkout hitting his head on them as he went down and i couldnt get past them to get to him.

Actually...i'm wondering if maybe that has been my whole 'supermarket problem' starting point. I may have just diagnosed myself lol.


Thank you so much guys my fear of death I think comes from losing my son when he was a child and the health thing we didn't know he was sick this site is so amazing everyone can take a little something with them from it xx


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