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Help please?

I have been doing so well the past 2 weeks no anxiety no panic attacks sleeping well at night but it all changed last night, as I was sleeping I felt like I was dying or something it was scary I was having scary thoughts that felt like a dream. Today I'm having a bad day I just had a panic attack a small one but it has got me scared again. What is it have I given into it is that why it has hit me or is it that cause of last night I might have been vulnerable today to panics. Thank you

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Hi Ahmed

I have only had anxiety myself (not panic attacks) so I'm not able to answer your query.

However, I know there are other people who use this site who will be able to answer your question in due course.


Anxiety is a bully.

EMDR has been shown to be useful in these cases


I get paranoia,anxiety and have a vivid imagination! The key is to control it and not let it control you!! I had cognitive behaviour therapy for a while which helped!! Go see your g.p and talk about your feelings!! Our brains when bored will entertain themselves! Stay calm, breathe slowly and think of nice things!! Take care


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