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Starting the journey

I've always been a stressy person and anxious, exams, dilemmas, the works, but the last few months I feel like i'm constantly worried, at first it was over work, and decisions, now it seems to be everything - even what people in the street might be thinking about me, and I know its not who I am, I just feel so tired because i'm always worried and can't switch off, and worried i've always made some sort of mistake, and can't handle it anymore - have booked to see a doctor, and already worrying they'll just think i'm useless, or making it all up, and frankly, I think part of it is me just going mad, not being ill, is it any point going to a doctor? I've never had much luck with them on other issues, so worrying :(

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Everything you are saying is how anxiety affects us

Irrational thoughts , that seem so real , yet its the anxiety

I understand everything you are saying , I can think the same , start with one worry & have every worry there is going round in my head

I have learnt along the way & am slightly better than I was , but still sometimes it starts again

Please , see your GP , they wont think you are mad , not at all , if you find it hard to talk , copy what you have written here & pass this to them , lots do that if we struggle as it can be hard when sat there to explain

You are not in no way useless , you are suffering with anxiety & things will get better

Let us no how you go on





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