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Hello and good afternoon to you all.To you ,who are aware of my situation,I am still taking the tablets and my mentis is still compos.(Latin Joke)ha ha, I have someone who is going to take me shopping for about an hour on Tuesday and I am really looking forward to it.

What I want to discuss relates somewhat to a couple of blogs I've read about candles and where to stick them.It has been reported in my local free paper,The Medway Extra so anyone who lives in Medway will know that I am telling the truth.

It concerns a man in is seventies who owned his own house in a busy high street here in kent. On either side of his house was a shop and an estate agent.He was well known in the area and could often be seen in the local pubs.

The owner of the estate agent became worried when she had not seen the man for about 6 months.She could get no reply from the house so she called the police.

When the police called some time later they could get no reply either.Now one of them put his nose through the letter box and said it must be ok in there .There is no smell and if some one had died you would smell it.So they went away.

EIGHTEEN MONTHS LATER a bailiff calls at the property trying to collect money for outstanding tax.He does not give up He gets in with the help of the police.Upstairs they discover some bones and a decomposing carpet where the remains had rotted.

They reckon the poor old man had been dead for about two years.

Now if I had a candle or rocket or whatever I would stick it up that first policeman.!!!

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Hello oap.

Glad things seem better for you now and hope you enjoy Tuesday.

Had to Google compos mentis

Very good, well done



We've not spoken before but I have seen a couple of your blogs/comments recently so am vaguely aware of your situation. I'm glad things seem better for you now and I hope you enjoy your shopping trip on Tues.

It's good to hear how you're getting on. Please keep us informed.

wanderingwallflower xx


Hello oap.

Yes unfortunately I walked passed that house many times.I read that newspaper report and it is sad that someone could lie dead for two years and nobody even know.

Chin up you seem to be getting things sorted and that is never going to happen to you

Please let me know how you get on this Tuesday




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