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I've crept back

Hello friends?

I was going to cancel my account because I made an inappropriate remark on some one elses blog.

Thing is I miss you all and the great help you gave me.Hope I can come back.

I have been watching from the side lines.

Hopefully poor old Grog is asleep so I will not disturb his blog.

However I can relate to some of his blogs about his roman candles and where he wants to put them.

Items 1 and 2 yes sure I have had trouble with them lots and lots.

Haven Holidays aka Bourne Leisure aka Butlins yes I would sue them if I had the money.

But I would like to add one more to the list ATOS!!! Any more candles left?

I sincerely hope I have not upset anyone


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We all say the wrong things at times, I did and apologised, just misread the blog


Come here & have a big hug

You don't have to creep on , you havnt done anything wrong :-o

Right well lets not go on about it , so I agree with the Atos , so when grog gets up , I wonder if he could fit a double candle up where the sun don't shine ;-)

Glad you didn't go & pleased you feel ready to talk again

We would have missed you to





All I can say is Thank You so very much


No need for thanks , you are one of us on here , don't you forget that will you




Nice to see you back,everyone is needed and is worthy on this site


Hi, love, so pleased you came back :)


Welcome back, Bertt, so glad you didn't go permanently! We all misunderstand at times, no problems - you're a part of this group and we'd miss you if you left :(

So have another hug {{{{{{{{{{Bertt}}}}}}}}}} and forget about it!





Glad you came back and hope you have managed to get some sleep :)


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