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Having a rest

Everybody I have had a bad Saturday and Saturday night and so am going to try and get some sleep.However if I can't sleep I am just going to lie down and think about those institutions of whom I would like to get an enormous Roman Candle......Light it......and shove it up there ARSES!

They are in order

1) The department of work and pensions

2 ) Job Centre Plus

3) British Telecom

4) Halifax Bank

5) Sainsburys'

6) The greatest offender of all HAVEN HOLIDAYS.

Any body like to add their own list?

Sorry for swearing but it is ancient Anglo Saxon



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Sorry you have had a couple of bad nights , I hope you get some rest

I love the way though you still have a sense of humour , bless you

Can understand your list , except , not sure what Sainsburys have done to you :-D

If you run out , & have enough candles left , to shove where the sun don't shine , give me a shout I will give you a few more to add to your list

Miss you been purple

Hope you feel better later





Much better purple,something to identify with.


Hi Grog

Sorry you are having such a tough time, I hope you manage to get some rest and sleep soon.

Dont forget that boat you told me about or maybe just drift along on the life raft until youve got enough energy for boat building!

My nomination for the list would have to be student finance took about 6 months to get my daughters student loan sorted if it were up to them she would have been left to starve lol

Mimii :)


Thanks s much mimii.Just done a blog about Sainsburys so feel a bit better now.

And I will try to remember our little boat

Grog xxx



I must agree with a few of those on your list.

I take them with a pinch of salt now, as I've expended so much energy on them and got nothing, I just see them as organisations that dont give a sh...e, all they want is our money, and as I dont have any lol. I'll frustrate them by ignoring them as much as I can.

I'll add British Gas I think its french lol. wouldn't give me my money they owed me after I changed suppliers. Took 3 months.

Hasting direct insurance, what a load of poo they are.

The list goes on.





I must agree that the list could go on and on.

What I will say though is that I had an eighteen month fight with Hastings Direct and eventually got a cheque for £210.00.So it was worth it.

My biggest beef at the moment is with the D.W.P. but I don't seem to have the fight I used to.

Glad to see you back



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