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feeling very tried and shit at the moment

i feel like shit at the moment all i do is work and yes i find it hard to provide for my family but i do the best i can having just lost my dad and needed to be there for mym mum after seeing her break down again wishing my dad wa here or her being with him which is a head fuck it self and also trying to be there for your partner that is suffing for anxiety is hard as you see things you dont want to see but that is life and life is a bitch and it hurts sorry for the rant but sometimes you have to get things off your chest but it does not matter how strong you are you still need someone there to help you through your hard times aswell sorry again

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I can see that you are doing your very very best to cope in hard times.You rant away,it may help.

If it is any help I too feel like shit especially at 3.20am.I am lying here in pain ,in fear and wondering if it's worth it.

Thinking of you




Hi its so hard being a carer and working too you need to make time for yourself even if its just relaxing in a bubble bath for an hour !

Or a good rant on here !!


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