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Im new to this page and i don't normally go on blogs as im crap with technology but ive hit a bad patch and i hope i can meet and talk to other people who are going through same situations so i don't feel so alone with this :( I get really run down from time to time and it affects me to a point where i don't want to leave the house. The worse thing is I cant even take anything as drugs have an horrible side affect on me! I hate being so sensitive it sucks! If anybody else here suffers with similar problems then if you have any advice that would be much appreciated thankyou :)

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Hi Welcome

Sorry you are feeling low & yes I am sure this site will be a great help & comfort to you , as you will see you are not alone

I am crap as well with technology , but I manage on here , you cant go wrong & even if you do people don't care about that , all we care about is trying to support each other

I no what you are saying with meds , I am the same , I do have meds anxiety , as well as other things , but I also seem to get side effects , I seem to be very sensitive to tablets

Have you asked your GP about counselling ? its another option & even if you have had it before & wasn't impressed , its worth trying again

I also don't hardly leave the house , it started without me even realising , if you can , try just short journeys like your local shop

There are lots of lovely people on here , all that understand & you will get suggestions & support





hiya and welcome, i too find it realy hard to leave my house, sometimes even my bedroom. i have been on here since january and its been my lifeline. the people are sooo supportive and understanding. i hope you keep posting and im sure i speak for us all when i say we are looking forward to getting to know you xxx COOKIE xxx


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