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Hello guys

Thought I'd share what I've been thinking the last few days, I've had this horrible feeling in my heart area like my heart is being squeezed and then my arm goes tingley and in that moment I think "that's it I'm dying"

Now this happens about 50 times a day, in fact it's happening as I'm typing this, it's been especially bad the last 2 days, I had a horrible sleep last night as every time I woke to turn over I'd feel the pain again and wake up.

I've been going to CBT and I really like the lady I go to..I come out feeling good and it lasts for a few days afterwards, now she has told while she cannot promise that anyone does go back to normal she has seen people with anxiety/health go back to living fully normal functional lives. I suppose I'm holding onto the belief that one day I'll wake up and this chest feeling will be gone.

I don't know what I'd do if I was stuck with this feeling for life. :-(

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Hi Ashley,

I have recently discovered that with my anxiety nothing is guaranteed, with that I mean for a while it was really intense, then it subsided slightly. Recently its gone through the roof and I am really struggling. I had counselling a few years ago and I just didn't find it helped me.

I think if you like the lady who is giving you the CBT, you should keep that up, you obviously feel comfortable talking and being around her meaning you will find it much easier to explain your emotions and feelings to her.

I know people that have overcome anxiety problems and that is the only thing that keeps me going, you wont feel that way forever, it could take just one thing to start you back on the right track. You'll have good and bad days but just keep up the CBT and see it out until the end

You will overcome this, good luck


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