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And so it returns I've had to go to bed feeling I've taken big steps back


I've been doing well up until today the anxiety has come back quite strong did some relaxation and managed to go to the gym I think it helped and maybe I would have been much worse if I had not gone

This all happened I think due to a very bad phone call please see my question

Feel quite anxious and tired

Thought I slept well but keep waking early 6am today so went on FB think that was a bad idea how can I stop letting others knocking me back I was doing so well had a good cry as well mixed up I am

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Hi Bigguy,

I am sorry that you have had this setback, and it has really upset you. You cannot control other people and their actions. You can only control your anxious thoughts. He sounds like a rude person and someone not even worth thinking about. Try to move forward rather than replaying this out in your head.

You will feel much better in a few days as long as you eat and sleep properly. I too had a setback a couple of days ago and felt exactly the same. I could barely drag myself out of bed today, but I did enjoy the day and felt a lot better once I had. Don't let anyone upset you to this extent. You are more important than anyone else.

Hope you sleep well tonight. Also - fb is bad, just full of people showing off. Made the same mistake myself today! Going to try and stay away from that place.


Hi bigguy when I have a setback I take it easy for a while but only allow myself a couple of hours in bed or on sofa watching tv then I go for a walk or a jog if I have the energy. Eating little and often and drinking plent of water helps too. The person that upset you won't give two hoots as to whether you are upset by it or not so please try to see it as their prob not yours. You concentrate on you and your health.. this is more important than what others think. You are part of a wonderful community here. Set a time to get up, get dressed and go for a walk. I know how hard this is as I had a breakdown but you will feel better if you do something positive even if its for 30 mins. If you stay in bed all day you will feel worse and the grip will tighten... dont let it. big hugs for you love eve x

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