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Pulled muscle

Ok so ive had a bad neck since wednesday or thursday. I had put down to sleeping funny but now i know its a pulled muscle. All the left side of my neck and shoulder, i can turn my head but its painfull. My problem is i worry even thou i know its just a pulled muscle. An hot bath makes it feel better and a hot water bottle. Anyone know around how long it lasts? To top it off i was playing my facebook games earlyer and i had the adrenlin and abit of anxiety but i just let it be and it went. I know y i felt a little anxious its bacause of my pulled muscle. Hope ur all ok anyway xxx

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Sorry to hear you're in pain. Whenever I've had a pulled muscle in my neck, the pain usually eased off in about ten days. Just a thought, though. If you sit at the computer for long periods of time, it can play havoc with the shoulder muscles especially if your posture is bad or your chair is the wrong height. There are loads of websites giving advice on posture and computer use. Hope the pain goes soon.


ten days that's along time. it felt abit better when I got up but then I bent down while cleaning and its back. maybe take it easy for a few days wud help x


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