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Feel like a derelict

Im in so much agitation because of anxiety I do everything on the run whatever I do I rush it because I don't feel safe Im in a constant state of fear. My life feels in rags and tattersMy whole time isspent in trying to escape my reality I feel like aa derelict at my wits end. the last time I felt safe was 13 years ago when I had a partner and through them I felt safe in the world. Just joined uk anxiiety hoping to find others I can relate to bluecake

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Welcome Bluecake,

Welcome to bedlam or room 101 as I like to call it lol :-D only joking, or am I lol

This site is superb and we all suffer anxiety, stress in different ways and ammounts. We are very supportive and there are people here with a lot of knowledge and insight who have been suffering for a long time.

Please tell us more about yourself eg are you on meds, have or had councilling, spoke to GP etc.

Nice to meet you and once again welcome

Love Cookie xxxx


Hi Bluecake


Cant really add more than what Cookie has said (well done Cookster )

But looking forward to hearing more from you & as said people understand on here & don't judge , so I hope you will feel you can talk





Hi bluecake

A big warm welcome x

I lived most of my life on fast forward, running around and cramming my life full of distractions. I can relate to the not feeling safe and trying to run as hard and as fast as you can. Constantly being on high alert and fearful is exhausting and I ended up having a breakdown last year. I've had some very effective therapy and meds since sept and have now finally found some peace in my head. I hope you find this site helpful. We are here if you can maybe tell us a bit more. Love eve x


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