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On edge

Sick sick sick of this anxiety now a just wish it would go away a constantly feel dizzy or "not normal" feel like I need to ring an ambulance constantly wish it would just go away scared to go to work incase I make a fool of myself I'm trying to block it out but it's just not working I can not see this ever going away I carnt understand how I'm meant to make something of my life if this keeps randomly happening :(

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Hi Sjbarthram

Sorry to hear your having a bad day try and relax and take do some breathing exercises i say this because i am feeling exactly the same way today.

When we are fearful we cause more symptoms and the situation becomes worse.

Regarding work i fully understand was being phased back and now off again due to the dreaded anxiety. Can relate to making a fool of yourself because i feel the same.

Each day becomes a battle we have good days and bad but including myself dwell on the bad.

Have you seen the doctor or having any counselling to help you?

I know its painful for you and we all want our life back to just be what i call normal :)

Unfortunately anxiety gives us no warning and it does happen randomly for no reason.

I hope you feel better as the day goes on i am sitting here full of panic and anxiety this morning and the feelings are unbearable but just stay positive.

Keep talking as poeple here are so supportive understanding and give some good advice.

Take care


Love Seyi xxx


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