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Im back.....Sharonlou


Hi everyone old and new ,I was very active member on here several months ago(sharonlou).I came off the site as I suffered with health anxiety reading everyone elses symptoms made me worse as I then decided I had them.Never mind.I still suffer with anxiety but no where near to the extent I was.I can now go out of the house more and touch wood the health anxiety is under control now.I had nearly a year with CBT and after a battle of trying to cope myself I was prescribed fluxoteine.

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Hello Sharon nice to see you back.

My health anxiety comes and goes, and I know what you mean about hearing or reading of symptoms setting you off - me too!

I can't read or watch anything remotely medical, fact or fiction, as I'll remember any symptoms shown or discussed and then start worry worry worry.

Sharben in reply to Bramwell

Hi Bramwell nice to speak to you again xx After the CBT I can now watch tv programmes couldnt before hope you are doing well xx

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