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crying inside

just wanted to get all this out . The last few days I have been in my bed drained . I feel shattered and having been to the docs he has increased my meds .

Last night my oh had a real rant at me . We have only been together eight months and recently he just doesn't understand my illness . Is it unreasonable for someone who claims to love another to attack someone's core beliefs about what they themselves see as character flaws .

I don't know if I am making sense .

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So sorry you are feeling like this, but I understand, I too can spend days in bed feeling totally exhausted.....

It must be difficult in a relationship , I know it is hard for people to understand.....and it's hard to understand this unless you have experienced it....I guess the only way for someone who wishes to understand is via the usual channels reading books about it etc... had some good ones recommended to me...it have seen blogs from people experiencing someone's illness on here so that is another channel, I'm not sure of the bigger picture and I guess someone has to want to learn about it first...

I guess even getting to the stage of recommending a book could be difficult...

I probably haven't been much help but wanted you to know I read your blog and thinking of you :)

I wish you well....keep blogging it helps , maybe someone else will be able to help /comment with relationship tips, coping etc

Sue xx


Oh cloudy my heart goes out to you as I know how hard you worked to get back to work and can imagine how you are feeling right now. Please don't despair hun you will get well again. It's exhausting and frustrating when you get a setback. My oh didn't understand not does he now really but I don't think you truly " get it" unless you have been there yourself. The mind website has info on depression and I gave this to my oh and made him read it. I had to as he came out with comments like "if you carry on like this you will end up in a nuthouse"! he didnt mean it he was frustrated and felt helpless watching me being so ill. You can pm me anytime if it helps big hugs xx


Thanks all , I keep saying to myself it is just a step in my road to recovery . Setbacks break us temporary but I believe what mends will ( I hope) be stronger


Hi,YES you are making sense and I totally understand how you feel.

I have been ill on and off all my life.Somehow I married a saint.For 46 years she has put up with my anxiety and depression.She has seen me pack in good jobs,helped me through despair and alchoholism and never asked for a thing for herself.I am a lucky man.

However when it comes to caring for others,even my own relatives,I am useless.Of course I love them dearly but I am incapable of helping them.I am impatient unhelpful and completely useless.

If I am in distress I hope others will help me.Yet when others are in distress I find I just want to get away.I wish I was not like this and often beat myself up about it.

I am sure your o.h really cares but perhaps like me he finds it hard to show his true feelings and probably gets upset and frustrated at his inability to help you.

Best wishes to you

Grog xx


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