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Thought I was on the mend

Had my 1st anxiety attack 2 months ago dizzy light head dry mouth etc on medication from doc had no more spells since until the light head started again today feels like someone shaking me very strange! Thought I was back to normal even went back to work today after being signed off for 2 months, can this come back even with meds? It's the light head I can't cope with which makes my heart race after x

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hi vonnie74, so sorry you feeling bad,I have anxiety for 30 years,was on meds but came off them,cause they were causing me to feel off balanced,tried other ones and they made me more anxious,then I did a year of CBT this helped me understand my anxiety,and I am coping now ,just taking xanax,anxiety can go away and come back again,worry,stress,or even negative thoughts can start it off again,its a roller coaster,mayby your dr might increase the dose of meds your on,but yes it can come back,my head is light today,for the first time in three weeks,its the light head that gets me too,it scares me,it will go away again,just accept it for what it is,and try to relax,deep breathing also helps,take care and let us know how your getting


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