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Make Hay

Have had periods of acute anxiety for over thirty years, have just been through bad six months phase but over last two weeks I feel almost normal. Realise that this will not last but by god it chears you up and you need to holsd onto these moments when the bleak times return. But who knows think positive.

To all those suffering at present try and keep positive my thoughts and strengths are with you all x

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Gives me hope x


I. too, have had a breakthrough in the last couple of weeks after 3 years of anxiety. I know it's not wise to think about the reasons why and just accept, but, I think it's mostly because I had a shift in my attitude to my symptoms - it's mainly my loss of balance that got me down. I just decided (after doing a bit of positive reading) to get on with things in life. I have basically lost the fear. My balance is still good bit dodgy but I feel hope and a new excitement for plans I have in life. I feel in time the physical symptoms will calm as I 'normalise'. x


That is brilliant and gives me hope that I too will feel better at some point. I have the same loss of balance that you have talked about is this due to the anxiety or health related? I thought that it was maybe in my imagination as I have severe anxiety but if it is a symptom of anxiety then I feel better about it already x


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