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As a anxeity sufferer who is housebound and waiting a long long time for some help I decied last night to go online and try to find some sort of home help of my own. I found a website called moodgym which is all about cbt and changing the way you think, its done on a weekly basis with some homework thrown in to get you to the next week, each session they get you to answer questionaires to see if you are felling more better about yourself, Im just wondering if anyone else has tried this and if it worked for them ? donver x

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I haven't, but others have mentioned it.

let us know how you get on.




I'm going to have a look at it today thanks as sandra said others have talked about before.


i started on sat copdber and it has made me think that the way i think is a lot to do with the way i feel every time i feel anxious if i think about it differently instead of panacing then maybe i can control these thoughtsx its worth a go :)


I don't know anything about the moodgym site. But my daughter had five sessions of CBT during a really stressful time and it worked wonders for her. It might work for you too. Good luck.


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