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cant beleive me ears........why?

this afternoon i had an appointment with the gp and saw a different one as could not get a soon enough appointment with my regular doctor who has been very good so far. The lady i saw today made me feel like a nauty school child and i could feel myself welling up and fighting the tears. i went two see her about two issues i have, one being my chest pains and really stiff jaw and neck. she looked back over my history and said that i had had a test done before that proves my heart is fine and said to me "you want to have a heart attack dont you" well i was shocked and replied " no not at all i would be petrified". i heald back the tears and left and didnt even talk about it to my mum on the way home untill i reached the house. i can honestly say she has made me feel quite upset and im feeling really quite anxious and unwell now, i know it sounds darft but i just dont understand why she would say something like that. i mean who the hell wants to have a heart attack. my dad had heart problems and my mum has a bad heart now, so so sorry for worrying everytime i get a electirc shock feeling in my chest esp when i try and exercise. she has made me feel like total crap and i still want to cry but im fighting it cos i know her attitude is wrong. some gp's just show no compassion at all and she probably has no idea how much she has effected me becouse she is so ignorate to everything mental health related. sorry this is such a misery of a blog, just really needed to get it off my chest before i burst in to a puddle of tears. thanks for listening. x

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report her... totally inappropriate to speak to you like that.


Ditto. That manner is not acceptable.


Hi Sam,

Oh thats a bit harsh of that doctor, yes dont take it on as your shite, or you will go over and over it and that will not make you any better.

It must be so hard for these doctors, seeing patients for a couple of hrs a day and only getting £120,000 plus referal extras.

See it for what it is sam, a total wanker with no doctors skills at all.

Stick with the therapists.

Now, that jaw and neck pain is probably due to tension, I've had it over the years, there are some exercises you can do to alleviate it, also its important to become aware of your tension levels each day and during the day.

First, open your mouth like you are roaring like a tiger, as wide as possible, and gently relax back, and dont tense your teeth together.

For the neck, squeeze your shoulders up to your eyes then gently relax, also look straight forward and push your chin straight back and relax. Sometimes we walk about with our chin leading the way, this causes tension.

One more point, you can put a hot water bottle on your neck at the back and try to relax, not too hot though. If its really hurting try a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel for 20 mins then gently allow it to warm back up before doing anything strenuous.

Hope it helps in someway




Oh dear Sam, apparently you had the misfortune of meeting a fully paid up member of the local branch of Idiots R Us.

Don't think about it anymore, love. It's her problem not yours. Just make an appointment to see your regular doctor as soon as possible and go from


Hi Sam the problem lies with the doctor not you some doctors have no idea! Our surgery was run by a doctor who glared at you as you walked in and made you feel like you had interrupted her luckily she retired and we have a lovely caring doctor now. I would mention it to your regular doctor as she/he needs to know. We had a locum in and she upset many patients so i gave our regular doctor the feedback and she thanked me and took it seriously as it looked badly on her and the practice.

Before Xmas when my anxiety/stress levels were through the roof I held the tension in my jaw, had a tight shoulder with pains and tingling and a stabbing pain in my chest to the left side. I have been doing Pilates which stretches out the chest, yoga for relaxation and learning to breathe properly(when we are anxious we don't breathe correctly) and when I got stronger I started to jog. I now recognise when I'm anxious as the pains come back.

Don't let this doctor rattle you, take care love eve x


Hey Sam sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the doctor today. It really annoys me that doctors can be that unprofessional. Really hope you get back to seeing you regular doctor in the future.

Hope your feeling better. Don't let some complete douche bag bring you down.



Sam - ring the Practice Manager and tell her/him - utterly inappropriate, no-one wants a heart attack, if your parents both had heart problems its entirely understandable you're worried - and in any case, she has NO right to speak to you like that!

But, like others have said, it almost certainly is tension - some of the exercises mentioned should help. Good luck, hun, and don't let the idiots get you down!






Sorry sam

That's awful ,

I went to see a GP , about my eyes , sat crying , explained the anxiety it was causing

She turned round & said I could refer you , but Im not

After I insisted she backed down & said well I will , but I will also write & say I am not backing any treatment

I like you came out of there feeling distraught

When I got to the hospital , she had written what she said , but you no what , the consultant read it & went "o really , well once you come to me , I will treat them "

So egg in that GP's face :-o

Just told you , in hope you don't feel its just you there are some out there , you are not on your own been unfortunate enough to meet one & a hug because I no how it feels

Take Roses advice if you feel strong enough to deal with it





Report the Dr to the practice manager, its one reason the manager is there. I had a similar experience and received a written apology from the Dr xxxx


Had trouble with someone like that. Cowbag. Report it and see your old doctor - you NEVER have to see her again. If you don't want to report it officially, make the first possible appointment with your usual one and tell her/him. xx


Hi Sam, I really relate to this, I have a utterly ignorant, awful GP who has reduced me to tears before and put me off going back! I agree with the other comments, be brave and report her, you'll be doing a favour to all the other patients who are meant to go and see her! I actually feel angry at this GP, you went to get help and support which you deserve and you get utter ignorance and mistreatment xx


Hi Sam

Really sorry to hear about your experience at the Doctor's firstly i would report her to the Medical Association or speak with the Practice Manager and say you will take the matter further if something is not sorted regarding her attitude.

It is bad enough when your suffering with anxiety to even get to the Doctors let alone be treated in a inappropriate manner.

Some of these doctors have no communication skills and think we are beneath them. All they have done is read more books and gone Medical School makes me wonder sometimes how they would feel if one of their family was spoken to in that manner.

A few years back i had a running with a Doctor over my mothers illness she had come out of hospital and the specialist said i had to arrange oxegen to be delivered. It was a Friday and she was like it will have to wait for Monday,

I lost control and said my mother would be better going Goddard & Allen which is the local vets where she would receive better treatment. I took her name and said if anything happens to my mother i will personally hold you responsible. By the time i go home the delivery and oxegen machine had arrived. Not all but some Doctors should not be in the profession.

Please do not allow her to upset you and make sure you make a formal complaint the more people do this the better Doctors will treat patients.

Best wishes

Big Hugs

Love Seyi xxx


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