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Todays the day.....scared!

Well this day has finally arrived when my intensive analytical psychotherapy starts...I am as you might guess very apprehensive and a bit scared to say the least....Couldnt sleep last night so now ive awful head symptoms, eye symptoms, stomach pains going on, you lovely people know how it is without me going into depths....For the past week knowing my appointment was coming up I have been feeling immensly sad, reflecting on my life with GAD up to now and the impact and restrictions I have let it imply on my life and surroundings, very sad...I keep replaying an unusual song choice for myself but its the words I keep hearing over and over again filling me with a mixture of sadness and hope which is good I think, its a Scooter song,


Always lived my life alone,

Been searching for the place called home.

I know that I've been cold as ice,

Ignored the dreams, too many lies.

Somewhere deep inside, Somewhere deep inside me,

I found ... the child I used to be

And I know that it's not too late

Never too late...

Keep you's updated, empathically and unconditionally with you always Dee

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Hi Dee

Good luck with that...understand your fears...

In a way it could be nice new beginnings too..

Do let us know how it goes..

With all good wishes and thoughts for you

Sue xx


Good luck, Dee, as Sue says, it could be the beginning of a whole new better life! It's natural to be nervous, but I'm sure as you get "into" it, that will reduce - you might even find yourself looking forward to your sessions!

Do keep us updated, and again, good luck! Really hope it helps.

All the best




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