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Feeling heavy, mostly heavy headed

When my anxiety came back with vengeance in September, I would feel like my body felt very heavy and that I was being pulled really fast from my feet. It would make me feel off balance. Whilst that has generally gone, I still have a heavy head. It's not necessarily dizziness, but my head and body at times feel heavy and it makes me feel off balance. Has anyone else had this? I get it indoors and whilst I'm outside. It kind of feels like my head or body is moving, when it's perfectly still.

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That sounds like tension in the neck which affects balance, generally when we are scared we tense our shoulders up a bit towards our ears and forward.

This causes the tension, headaches, blurry vision, wobbly dizzy spells, and vertigo just like you say. the heaviness of the body is sometimes due to depression, when we feel down.

I do exercises, squeezing shoulders up towards shoulders and let go gently, if its tense there you will feel it, I am aware of this area when outside to, its a constant practice, which helps me to relax.

Hope that helps

Wishing you well




Thank you B, that makes sense why it would be tension in the neck. I will try this, thank you :) xxx


Hi, I get exactly that!!! I thought it was just me, it is a really horrible feeling, I had quite painful neck so it makes sense that it was tension. How long have you been feeling like this? Hope you are ok.


Mine sometimes shakes, like in a spasm, I then know to take it easy, its a warning sign, for me to calm down, relax my neck, I use hot water bottles on it, and if its really bad ice packs too.




I thought I was the only one too! As I've never usually heard of it being an anxiety symptom. I've had since September, it was quite bad back then, then eased but I notice it more now. Not as bad as it was, but it's still there. How long have you had it? I'll try using hot water bottle too, love hot water bottles! They're so useful! haha xxx


I have exactly same experience as you, I also have acute anxiety - my head feels so very heavy like a ton weight on top of my head bearing down. This makes me feel very unsteady and giddy. I have PD well as - I was also told it's anxiety, which is far worse than the Parkinson's.

Anxiety really is worse of all evils - have tried so hard to shift it but it still persists. Have tried benzos but they always wear off and stop working. Back to doctor next week I'm dreading it.

Although I wish you were not suffering it's reassuring that someone else has this head problem like mine. I wish you well.

When I find a way to help I'll let you know.



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