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Dizzyness everytime I stand up

Hi, Sometimes I feel dizzy when I stand up or after a minute of standing up. But today is really bad, I just stood up and had like a full minute blackout and like I was going to faint, it was terrible and really scary.

I'm not on any medication but could this also be because it's my 'time of the month' as I just started this morning? (Sorry if that's too much info!:) What should I do as it's really freaking me out!


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Hi cath

It could very well be due to the time of the month

Hormone levels , sugar levels can go up & down making you feel dizzy

Anxiety as well can give you this feeling

If you are really worried , have you been & had your blood pressure checked , you could ask for you iron levels to be checked , these are nothing serious but also can affect how you feel

I am sure they would be ok , but you would have peace of mind





Hopefully it will pass soon, if not, after this week i'll try and get it checked out.

Thank you very much for your reply, it's nice to be reassured! :) xx


It could be inner ear imbalance as I get that from time to time and it makes you feel dizzy, unbalanced and can last from a few days to a couple of weeks.maybe you could check this out with your doctor too. There are simple physical tests that they can do to see if it is this. good luck. xxx


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