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Do you sit and ponder your woes,is your life not all it should be.Life can be hard at times but when it is,think of people in far worse situations,young soldiers,terminally ill people,people with real illness.I suffer from anxiety but I know its not an illness,my Doctor gives me anti depressants,what for,I am not depressed,they don't know how to deal with it because the human mind is way too complex,Its a roundabout,I feel anxious,I feel worse because I feel anxious and on and on.

You cant die of anxiety,I tell myself often,so,stop moaning I tell myself,all is well.

So,I contemplate,I sit here,all is well,we all get anxious,get on with it or find a real problem.

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oh the guilt for not having a 'real' problem...If you feel it then it is real...apparently acceptence of this is a great thing, wish I could accept that ;)


I joined this site in November and it was the first time I had fully understood that anxiety is a real, properly recognised Mental Health problem. It underpins so much of my actions and reactions. It is the root cause of entrenched behaviours that I have used to try and cope with it. It is almost certainly the cause of my depression althought that has a life of it's own now. Realising this has been so liberating. Being able to see and therefore begin to tackle the root cause of so many issues gives me hope. For the first time in over twenty five years I can see there is a possibility of life beyond


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