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the big avoided situation


hi all, so my OH as gone to Ireland. he left around half three and will be back about half five tomorrow evening. im worried about waking up in the night with panic which I sometimes do. I know I got thou it last week without waking him up but he was there beside me so I felt comfort in that. im so nervous at the moment, I keep saying to myself shall I sleep here or at my moms. I really do want to stop here and get it over and done with but im so nervous. he messaged me and told me hes nervous about getting on the ferry as its been years since hes been on one. i said well come back and see if the other bloke wants to do it. i know he cant do that as its to late to do it but it was worth a try. in away it was selfish of me to say but i cant help it. ive never relyed on anyone so much before but i do realise now that i rely on him to be here and even thou he moans a lot (normal for a bloke) i do miss him when hes working out the night. where as before i loved my own company. i would actually sit on the xbox (yes i play call of duty lol) until early hours of the morning with no im dreading the night ahead of being on my own. does anyone want to come and stop with me lol :-)

he as actually just messaged me and said isn't it about time we got marryed? ive told him no about there or four times over the last few year, i just said maybe. its not that i wouldn't, its the expense of it tbh xxx

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Aw, I'm sure the night will go quickly...which probably doesn't feel like any consolation right now,,,

I don't go out much, but went and had coffee in a lovely hotel near we're I live and was chatting to people on here, I really enjoyed if you feel alone you always have the site to blog on...not the same as your OH I know but it helps...

Hope the night passes by alright for you

All good wishes

Sue xx


hi donaf, if you love him marry him, sounds like you really miss him when he"s away. you don't have to have an expensive wedding, something for you to think about, sleep tight,xxx

Hi donaf I am sure like sleepless said the night will go pretty quickly make sure you have plenty to do to keep your mind off the situation. I usually find when alone play the radio especially the phone in programmes you feel like someone is around at least.

Your not being selfish wanting you OH to come home i totally rely on mine and we spend every moment possible together and his so supportive makes me feel totally safe.

I hope all goes well this evening.

Take care


Love Seyi xxx

Hello Donaf, I find it is best to be with someone you know if you are going to be alone. Next time your other half goes away, go and stay with someone. When my parents are away, I go to my sisters for the night and I am okay. But when I have to look after my grandfather on my own, the dog stays with me in my room. The dog, Holly belongs to my sister, but it seems that Holly is with us full-time. I try and drink camoline tea before bed and I switch off all my gadgets at 10pm otherwise my mind is too busy to sleep. I am here for you at any time, so just blog when you want to. LizM40.

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