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Whats the best thing to take when having an anxiety attack

Hello everyone

Recently i finally went to the doctor about my health, but i got to scared to tell them about my sleepless nights, I'm finding it very hard to get off to sleep atm! When i get into bed i start to get hot flushes, feel like i got a horrible lump in my throat then start shaking & my mind goes into overdrive! Ive tired all sorts i cut out caffine after dinner, i have a nice bath or shower, i also read a book or listening to music but now none of it is working, and i getting all worried about it! I just feel like something awful js going to happen to me and i cant shake that feeing off anymore!

If anyone have ideas on how to stop this i would be grateful.

Amz x

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The only thing I can suggest is deep breathing. I kind of sit up in bed and do this. Or get up and watch TV or read and occupy yourself. Not an easy one. I also use Sleep Rescue remedy and find that helps at times. All the best.


I had the same trouble, I was afraid to go to sleep because of bad dreams and I'd wake up in a panic. Same symptoms - so bad that I'd get out of bed to take the key out of the door so someone could get in in the morning if I passed away in the night. I'd also put on a clean nightie so I was respectable. I went to my doctor and she was very sympathetic and gave me a sedative to help me to sleep. It worked and I sleep okay now. For the panic attacks I now recognise them for what they are and just reason myself out of it and, as Jeffju said, do some deep breathing. Unpleasant as they are I now know they won't kill me and I'm not having a heart attack (I've had my heart thoroughly checked at hospital). These feelings of panic not going to kill me so that's okay.

I should go to the doc though, there's nothing to be ashamed of, an awful lot of people have trouble sleeping and there is help out there! love, liz


Deep breaths xxx


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