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something sad happened yesterday

Yesterday afternoon I heard crashing & banging at a door on the floor below in my block of flats. I looked outside & saw a police car parked outside. Later that evening, I saw a private ambulance parked across the road, & two men came into the block, then came out with a stretcher with a body covered in a blanket, & loaded it into the ambulance & took it away. Obvious;y the police had broken in to deal with a death in the flat. This was the second person to have died here since I moved in, the first was a young bloke who lived across the stairwell from me. I find myself thinking, sad , but at least the person who died wasn`t me!

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That is sad, well I hope there at peace now.




I'm so sorry - its awful isn't it? It happened here to one of my neighbours last year and I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that one of my best friends was found that way in February and I miss her dreadfully. I think its only natural to be thankful for your own life under the circumstances, I feel like I should be grabbing hold of life with both hands - trouble is my health won't let me right now!


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