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Best way to manage

For around 2 years now I've been constantly (as in 24x7) been worried about something, up to the point where I no longer care in life and sometimes wish for the end (deep down I don't)

I may get a pain in my stomach, toe, finger etc and think it's cancer or a tumour, and keep on worrying about it, the next day I'll be convinced it's something else if it aches.

Like right now, my throat feels like it's closing up on me, and need to clear my throat all the time, well my mind is saying it's cancer. It might be the fact my stomach acid is playing up this week, but then again it might not be.

It's a daily occurance and I just want it to end, so whats the best way of dealing with this?

See the doctor? take meds? grow up? Is there a way to fix this without meds and free?

Most likely I have GAD and health anxiety, depression and the rest. I was once on Sertraline (Nov 2011) but stopped because I had more symptoms on it than not.

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Yes goto the doctors, tell them how you feel and ask for some CBT treatment, without drugs.

for me that would definately be the first step




I had that throat thing and I can't really say when it went away but it did. It wasn't cancer, just a bit inexplicable. I find it helps to write down what's worrying you, whether it's a list or a monologue. If it's a list you can decide on action i.e going to the doctor. If it's a long list of medical worries then make sure when you go to the doctor to ask for extra time so you are not rushed made to feel more pressured. If you get these feelings in the middle of the night or at a time that you can't call the doctor, shelve it. There is nothing you can do about it. The same applies to other worries like paying the rent/mortgage or my biggy what am I doing or more importantly not doing with my life.

Sit still for a while and notice the world has not ended, the roof has not fallen in. The things that you are worrying you are not impacting you at that very moment. It's just worrying you if that doesn't work write down the rant, I find that when I read it back that it is so one sided and lacking in depth or reason that it is both dull and numbing and helps me free up the space in my head for other things. Also distraction, an article, a book and a short walk can do wonders.


I had the throat thing a few years ago and went to the doctor convinced I had a blockage in there, I felt there was definitely a lump that was preventing me from swallowing but it turned out to be anxiety. Nothing to worry about at all, well having said that anxiety isn't a whole bundle of fun but at least he was able to rule out cancer! Go see the doc hon and he/she can reassure you. best love liz


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