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Is there hope?


Just thought to ask here, if anyone as there opinion on hope in getting well.

A part of me still as that inner strength to keep going in life, and coping with the battle of stress, anxiety and depression i have had for 3 years plus. Because if the cbt don't work for my problems I have, I get really worried ill never be able to work again and live a fulfilled life.

I'm sure there's people out there with worse mentally illnesses than me, and some that ain't as bad as mine. But it's worse than a physically illness because its harder for the professional care services to cure it.

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Hi trying we are all hoping that one day we make a recovery and that is not impossible its breaking out of the circle. I have learnt not to battle with my anxiety and panic attacks i just deal with it and let it past. The more you fight the worse the situation becomes this is what i mean by breaking the circle.

3 years is a long time but at some point you will work again and you will have a happy and fulfilled life its learning how to deal and get rid off rather than holding on and battling which takes up much energy and harly worth it.

Hope you dont mind me asking are you taking any medication to help you?

We read blogs on here and other sites and then measure but anxiety depression panic attacks are all related in some way or another. And each individual feels different symptoms and trys to cope accordinally.

Do you do any breathing exercises? I have just started having acupunture and must admit its calming and i can think better and sleep well afterwards only the second session. Anything is worth a try :).

Please try and stay positive

Take care hugs

Love Seyi xxx

there is always hope.

I do know of many who have come through this.

some who still take meds,

some med free.

I can't take any anti-depressants anymore due to stomach prob's ,

I have learned a lot of management techniques that can help.

I'm not "there" yet, but I haven't gone under.

I believe that having been in an awful state of my depression, I can never get as low again .

Why? because when I was in that state I had the added fear that I'd never get out of it.

Now I know that I did, that fear has lost its power.

I survived it. I will again.

hope that helps,


Hi, Yes there definitely is hope! I have suffered depression, anxiety (often severe), all magnified by alcoholism. With no will to live, but no desire to die, all i could do is drink to escape. When i arrived at the end point i begged my doctor for any tranquilizer she would give and she refused as she knew it would make things harder in the long run. She did prescribe me pregabalin which, for me, was perfect. She prescribed it as i also had 3 broken vertebrae and the nerve pain was horrendous and pregabalin had been used for that as well as moderate to severe anxiety. I had been hospitalized 10 times in 2012 due to my drinking and was going to die if i carried on, which i knew i would if i could not find some relief from the constant anxiety and the lack of sleep associated with it. After a couple of weeks of mild side effects i was feeling human for the first time in years and a few enjoyable weeks later i am now on a BTEC course and am starting to rebuild my life alcohol free.

I was lucky enough to have a loving family throughout my illness and this was a great comfort but without the will to live i just felt guilty about them. I am now able to spend quality time with them again. Please try to be strong and you WILL get through this. Be honest with your GP and if you are not comfortable with them change to another one. Try to visualize a wall and then climb it in your mind, once on the other side write off the past and start anew. Then try to avoid all stressful experiences. Know that you are a beautiful human being and nothing that anybody else thinks matters in your world. If you have food in the fridge and a roof over your head then you have everything you need. Free yourself from your wants for now and start from here. Remember you can not fix everything at once so work on one thing at a time. Like a beautiful plant, start small and you will soon flower. Hang in there as it could be just around the corner. If you need medical help, then take it, there is nothing wrong with a tablet or two if it gives you the relief you need.



Thank you all to who posted there opinions and your lovely advice you have all gone out your way to post back to my question. Well after reading all your individual experiences etc, its given me a little more hope. I am on medication at the moment I'm on sertraline 100 mg a day but I only take half because I only up my dose 2 months ago from 50 mg, and because I'm on sleeping tablets which I take most nights, I can't get up on a morning at times because I feel that weak and tired so I'm trying to ween of them back to the original dose.


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