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I have gone with my son (age 21) to the GP to ask for help for his anxiety. He only gave us a number which when my son rang them they told us they would get back to him and even though he phoned a few times they still have not contacted him. He was told it had to be him and not me or someone else who called and as he is the one suffering from anxiety it is difficult for him to call and be then ignored. Please can you tell me where I can get help with CBT for him?

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That phone number sounds a bit unusual.

You should be able to be referred from the doctors.

I'm sure there are private CBT therapists in your area too, but they cost.





I was referred from my GP, then it took councellors 3 weeks to get back to me after I rang them. I know how he feels bless him. It's hard enough to make the call and then feeling like your problems don't matter really doesn't help.

I hope you both find a solution. You can check local councilling services on line in your area and ask them for advice. Xxx best wishes xxx Cookie xxx


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