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New to this :)

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this so maybe I should tell you abit about myself...

I'm 20 years old & I was diagnosed at 13 with generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder & obsessive compulsive disorder.. Since then nothing has got better if anything it's got worse! I've had 2 lots of cbt & I've been on medication for the past 3 years. I'm always in & out of hospital because Im depressed & want to end everything or I've cut myself.. But then after I realise I've got everything to live for! I've joined on here today as sometimes I need someone to talk to & I think this is the best place for advice & to get everything off my mind, also I hope I can help others too with their problems!

That's about it really, hope I haven't bored you all!


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people are lovely on here and I have found it so helpful.

Sue xx


Thankyou for your reply.. I hope I find it as useful as you.. Sometimes I just need to talk to someone to get all the problems off my mind!




Yes we all like a chat here, welcome in.

I'm interested in the CBT you got, did they not show you how to understand and deal with the anxiety.

Do you think childhood problems are the main cause of your anxiety, as are mine, i.e. the cutting of ourselves etc





Hi, thanks for your reply..

The first cbt I had was so helpful & more recently the cbt I had was helpful too! I just still find it hard to deal with the anxiety. I mostly cut myself as I get very angry with myself & rather than take it out on anyone I take it out on myself. I have recently cut down on this though as I have just moved in with my boyfriend & he stops me from doing it. He's been a massive help!



Dear Khloeleigh,

Welcome to this community.

a lovely hug,

Marcus xx


hello and welcome, i suffered since a child and even more so in my twenties. its a great site that has really helped me feel less alone. hope we chat soon. x


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