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Arrghh! Keep getting the shaking legs

So I decided to go for a little walk today alone.. There's a flyover where I live, and I very rarely go that way because of it being a hill, I feel off balance. When I went that way today (up the stairs, up the hill) my legs just felt so shaky! Kind of like they didn't want to go anywhere, that my legs were going to give way, as if being nervous in my legs! Has anyone else had this? I've had it twice when I've gone that way.. I suppose because it's out of my comfort zone and somewhere I don't go as often.

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Hi chellebells I get shaky legs I call them jelly legs when I'm really anxious either that or I get the heavy dragging my legs around feeling its horrible. Keep taking yourself out of your comfort zone even if its for a short time and tell your legs you are taking them where you want to go whether they like it or not. take care love eve x



Yes I've had this a lot, with the place your going to that gives you the jelly legs, try and go there with a friend, so you can break the thoughts that it is the place thats doing it.

If we are walking when anxious, or for me all the time :-) we tend to rush. So next time dont rush, keep to your breathing, slow and steady, and get through that block thats occoured. You can do it.

Slowely, expand the area you walk, your doing the right thing, and make sure you take all of you on the walk. Sometimes, I go out, I'm in a dream of thoughts, and then realise, I left myself at home. Hope that makes sense.

Wishing you well




Hi baylien your description of leaving yourself at home rings true for me but I didn't really know how to describe it thanks. This afternoon I didn't know what to do with myself, I should have rested but I went out and my head was dreamy to the point where someone saw me and was concerned about me. I really had left myself at home and when someone stopped in the car to ask if I was ok I felt like my reply was slurry and felt drunk(not drank for 8 months) its a weird feeling love eve x


Thanks for the replies. Ahh that's a best describtion.. jelly legs! It just feels like they want to give way. I think I'll try to go that way nearly every day, so it becomes the norm again. And then I *shouldn't* be as scared.. I hope. I feel like that dreamy state too. I often rush around, especially to get home. Though I'm naturally a fast walker anyway, the anxiety often makes me rush even more. I'll try to just relax as I walk. I know it's just the anxiety doing it to my legs, but then the important thing is to not allow it to take over. :) Thanks again xxx


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